Website Designing & Development

When we think about design of anything it comes in the form of shape, text, positions, texture and color. Nowadays it has been seen in so many reports that people prefer to visit those sites which have been beautifully designed. A beautiful designed website means visitor feel more convenient and relax while visiting website. All such things are available one roof which is Star Seo Solution.

Web development is a technique to develop innovative website for internet and private network to make business more successful. Web development means creating simplest static page to the most complex web-based internet application to the most complex social network services. Anything which has a tool of any kind in the web page will be consider as a part of development. Whether it is an ecommerce website which allow visitor to shopping or it is a social webpage such as facebook, twitter are part of development. A developer utilizes and incorporates a number of web browser technologies and software such as Ajax, Flash, PHP. Such techniques are use to create a fully functional online application that can be used to carry out and perform specific task and functions.

Benefits of Web Development Services

A website is not just about share information but also to provide multi functionality to users. Suppose there are so many pages in the website and visitor has to find a particular page then a search option can make things easier for visitor. Web development service properly represent website. There are lots of benefits of choosing our web development services. You can provide maximum information about your products and services in attractive way with web development services.

Our Web Development Service includes:

• A content management system
• An image gallery
• Forms
• Log-in functionality
• An online forum, chat room and/or bulletin board
• A property management system
• A sales management system
• A classified system
• A web calendar

Our Web Development teams are technically sound in working with all Operating System, Web-servers such as Microsoft IIS, Apache Tomcat, programming and scripting languages including PHP, ASP, .NET, Java, Cold fusion, Perl and others; Databases such as MSAcess, MYSQL and MYSSQL, and web technologies including HTML, DHTML, CSS, SSI, VRML, XML, Javascript etc.

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